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AVENUE-K CATERING: This is a fantastic caterer, who catered 2 of our weddings (but will cater any event). The owner is a real Mentch, who will work with you, and always produces a beautiful event. And he's Kosher, too! Please patronize his services when you are holding a catered affair.   


CHAI PEKING: Kosher Chinese food folks! I have been around the world, and I have yet to discover a kosher Chinese food restaurant better than this place - without exaggeration. It is worth taking a special trip to Atlanta just for this. It is located right inside the TOCO HILLS Kroger, which also features - right at the location of CHAI PEKING - an large and extensive Kosher food section, with a deli, prepared foods, and so forth. You will thank me for sending you there! 


DRESSLER'S JEWISH FUNERAL CARE: Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care was established in 1997 and is locally-owned and operated by Sam and Eddie Dressler. Dressler’s serves the Atlanta Jewish community exclusively for traditional and non-traditional Jewish funerals, including burials at Arlington Memorial Park, CrestLawn Cemetery, Dunwoody Jewish Cemetery at North Atlanta Memorial Park, and Greenwood Cemetery. In addition, Dressler’s handles funerals for veterans, funerals outside of metro Atlanta, and internationally, including burial in Israel. The success of Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care is based on the simple concepts of honest business, excellent communication and organization, good bedside manner, and treating team members with respect. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Eddie Dressler, who is a friend of mine, has worked in the funeral industry since the early 1990’s. Recognizing the need for a locally-owned Jewish funeral home to serve the growing Jewish population of metro Atlanta, Eddie opened Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care.  


GRILLER'S PRIDE:  Griller's Pride opened for business in Atlanta, GA in 2002 as a Glatt Kosher Beef, Lamb, Veal and Poultry butchery - DELIVERING DIRECTLY to customers' homes in Metro Atlanta. They now DELIVER to numerous cities within the Southeastern states and we ship our products to customers throughout the continental United States. They are under the supervision of The Atlanta Kashruth Commission and they invite existing and prospective customers to contact Rabbi Reuvein Stein, Director of Supervision of The Atlanta Kashruth Commission. 


THE JUDAICA CORNER: Judaica Corner was started in 1987, and since their first day in business they've been bringing the best selection of books, gifts, jewelry,  and religious goods to their customers. Their name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Atlanta area. They do an amazing job to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget.


THE KOSHER GOURMET: This store, in Toco Hills, Atlanta, is a typical kosher deli and grocery. You can find here deli meats, salads, plus all sorts of meat cuts, chicken, turkey, fish, plus kosher wine, baked goods (breads and cakes & cookies), and many kosher products. Steve Gilmer, the owner, has had this store for about 40 years, and is a dear friend of Chabad of Peachtree City. They deliver as well! 


RABBI ELIYAHU SCHUSTERMAN: Rabbi Schusterman is a dear, dear friend of mine who not only directs Chabad Intown in Atlanta, but is also a certified Mohel who serves Metro Atlanta and the Southeast. For your needs for baby, please contact him at 404-931-6449. 

THE SPICY PEACHThe Spicy Peach is a kosher market that provides new and innovative kosher food products to the Atlanta marketplace. Its owners, Jodi, Lydia and Tzippy want to make kosher cooking fun and exciting by bringing you hard to find items. Their passion is to provide customers with the latest and greatest offerings from the kosher food world. They revel in the hunt for the newest and most exciting products available. Their goal is to create an experience that keeps friends, neighbors, foodies They offer catering, groceries, gifts, and goodies! The Spicy Peach is under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission.


TOCO GRILL: This is a neat place that is like a little piece of Israel: It features falafel, Shawarma, and Hummus and lots of salads - among other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods. Service is very nice, and they have an outdoor sitting area as well. This is the best tasting Falafel I know outside of Israel! PLEASE PAY A VISIT TO THIS SWEET RESTAURANT, and please send them our regards when you do!


(March) ADA STUDIO DESIGNS: Ada is a talented artist who takes great care when creating each piece, infusing it with the sparkle and joy shes wishes it to bring to others. Her pieces make a beautiful and meaningful gift for everyone. Whether celebrating a new birth or a milestone birthday, starting a new job or a new life in a new home; for graduation, or the wish for some good vibes - - these handcrafted works of art will add radiance and grace to all who appreciate handmade art. Her mission as an artist is to create something special and meaningful with each artwork. All pieces are all custom made and can be made in English, Hebrew or Spanish. Be sure to support this talented local artist out of Decatur, GA!


(January) THE BEAR 92.5 FM: The Bear 92.5 FM is the Southside's best in Country Music! From Fayetteville to Stockbridge, tune in to listen to all the latest hits and more! Contact Mike Starr for any questions!


(March) BUILDEX GLOBAL:  BuildEx is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community. BuildEx offers clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization. Please be sure to contact Benny Gaxiola with all of your construction needs!


(May) CLAIRE GAXIOLA MUSIC: Claire is a local musician with a passion for expressing through music what cannot be spoken into words. Claire takes violin students, is open for bookings for events such as weddings, birthdays, and more. 


(January, July)  GOLDSTEIN, GARBER, & SALAMA: Have you noticed my smile and teeth lately? It is thanks to Dr. Maurice Salama - an interesting Jewish doctor from Egypt! - and the crew there. PLEASE PATRONIZE THIS AMAZING DENTIST FIRM FOR ALL YOUR DENTIST AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY.


(March, May, September 2024) GOLF RIDER: This is a company that repairs, rents, and sells golf carts - something much needed in the Peachtree City area. The people at this company have been great friends to us over the years, including donating the carts for our Chanukah golf cart parades. They are super nice and we have always heard great reports about them from all the people who have used them. PLEASE USE GOLF RIDER FOR ALL YOUR GOLF CART NEEDS - and please send them our regards when you do!

(November) LEGACY BRAIN & SPINEThis ad is placed by our very own, Dr. Richard Gullick. Dr. Gullick has been with Chabad of Peachtree City, and is a great friend to us. Needless to say, he is a veteran surgeon, blessed with great knowledge of medicine. His office has locations across Atlanta. PLEASE FREQUENT HIS OFFICE FOR ALL YOUR BRAIN AND SPINE HEALTH NEEDS!


(June)  LIFEBOAT MEDICAL ASSOCIATESThis banner add is placed by the chief doctor of this practice, our very own, Dr. Sara O'Heron. Dr. O'Heron - who lives in Peachtree City and practices medicine in Peachtree City - has been with Chabad of Peachtree City since its inception, and is a great friend to many here. Needless to say, she is a veteran doctor, blessed with great knowledge of medicine. Even more important, though, is how she really cares - about her patients and everyone else. PLEASE FREQUENT HER OFFICE FOR ALL YOUR HEALTH NEEDS!


(November 2023) PATTY GULLICK TUTORING: Our very own Patty Gullick offers kids on the Southside the very best in tutoring. Her expert skill, combined with extensive training, qualifies her to serve your child's needs. Please be sure to visit her website for more information! 


(April)  PERFECTION AIR: Perfection Air is a fully insured licensed contractor that specializes in residential and commercial installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC equipment. Commercially, our expertise includes apartment buildings, office buildings, and warehouses. Through our incomparable attention to detail, we prove a genuine concern for the safety, health, and comfort of our customers. They have helped us personally with our home and we couldn't be more grateful! PLEASE FREQUENT THIS BUSINESS FOR ALL OF YOUR HEATING/AIR NEEDS!


(November, May, September 2024) PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS: Dennis Rodgers is an immigrant from Cape Town, South Africa. He was one of my former congregants when we were still in Atlanta, and I thought his children when I taught in Middle School many moons ago. He has had this dry cleaning store for over 3 decades! He, and his wife, are dear personal friends of ours, and they are dear friends of Chabad of Peachtree City. They also do a great job with their dry cleaning. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR FRIENDS FOR ALL YOUR DRY CLEANING NEEDS.


(November, July)   SLEPIAN, SCHWARTZ, LANGAARD: This is a law firm right here in Peachtree City for all things real estate - closings, wills, etc. These people have been a real source of blessed help and our friends from the moment we moved to Peachtree City. Eric Slepian, one of the partners, has been a friend of Chabad of Peachtree City from the moment we arrived. They have done lots of work on behalf of Chabad and on our personal behalf, and always gratis. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR FRIENDS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE ISSUES. PLEASE PATRONIZE THIS FIRM FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS.


(February)  SOLOMON BROTHERSThe Solomon family, and all the brothers and their children, have been very dear friends of ours for 30 years. They are big fans of Chabad of Peachtree City, and have really been there for us. Jaron Solomon, the current CEO of the company was a student of mine in day school, and I prepared him for his Bar Mitzvah as well.  Moreover, the company features TOP QUALITY merchandise and a truly great staff of people to help you choose your jewelry. PLEASE PATRONIZE THE SOLOMON BROTHERS COMPANY FOR ALL YOUR JEWELRY NEEDS!


(March, July, September 2024)  TOBIN INJURY LAW: Darren Tobin is a former student of mine. I actually trained him for his Bar Mitzvah some 25 years ago when we were still in Atlanta. His entire family - grandparents, uncles aunts, cousins - were from our dearest friends back in our Atlanta days. He is lawyer that specializes in injuries, abuse, accidents, etc. He is one of the BEST IN THE STATE of GEORGIA (and I didn't teach him all he knows (-: ) PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR FRIENDS FOR ALL YOUR LAW NEEDS. 


And a HUGE thank you to Trader Joes, Starbucks Coffee, Target, and The Fresh Market as well for all of their help each year with our Chanukah festivities! Please be sure to patronize these wonderful businesses as well!