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Good Shabbos Email

Written by Rabbi Yossi Lew

The email is written by Rabbi Yossi Lew, director of Chabad of Peachtree City, Georgia. The emails are edited by Mrs. Arlene Shapiro and Mr. Jeff Kalwerisky of the Chabad community in Atlanta, and Mr. Michael Weinstock of Chabad of Peachtree City.

Usually, the emails begin with a personal story or observation by Rabbi Lew, and the main theme connects with either the week's Torah portion or a relevant holiday theme. The majority of material is taken from the vast and expansive Torah expounding by the great Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M. Schneersohn, of righteous and blessed memory.

Eikev - Spacey Details




When observing the jubilation early this week at NASA’s Pasadena, California base, it was obvious they had something to celebrate. They were cheering as a ten-foot long vehicle, dubbed “Curiosity,” touched down flawlessly on the planet of Mars. This rover possesses a staggering one billion dollars’ worth of electronic and technological equipment.

Most people have played video games, and are familiar with pressing buttons to control vehicles. Many wondered whether the celebration would be considered exaggerated as a group of scientists programmed the landing of this vehicle via computer commands and, essentially, pressing buttons.

When learning about this mission, however, one… Read More »

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