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Good Shabbos Email

Written by Rabbi Yossi Lew

The email is written by Rabbi Yossi Lew, director of Chabad of Peachtree City, Georgia. The emails are edited by Mrs. Arlene Shapiro and Mr. Jeff Kalwerisky of the Chabad community in Atlanta, and Mr. Michael Weinstock of Chabad of Peachtree City.

Usually, the emails begin with a personal story or observation by Rabbi Lew, and the main theme connects with either the week's Torah portion or a relevant holiday theme. The majority of material is taken from the vast and expansive Torah expounding by the great Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M. Schneersohn, of righteous and blessed memory.






The weather this week in the Atlanta, Georgia area came with “watches” and “warnings.” Expected ice, snow, and below freezing temperatures gave the millions of residents around this city a major panic attack. As a result, most of the school systems were closed for two or three days, and many people worked from home, preferring not to brave the expected treacherous roads.


This really helped me, as the traffic was essentially nonexistent. I was able to drive into and out of the city, and ride around to my heart’s content without any delays.


Oh, the roads on which I drove had minimal to no snow and ice. I heard that no others encountered that… Read More »






It is difficult to imagine, in this advanced and modern world, more disturbing and upsetting news from all over. On the heels of yet another Jewish person murdered – for the simple reason of his beliefs – in Copenhagen, Denmark last Shabbos, human slaughter alarmingly continues in countries around the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, Russia is attempting to annex another country, and perhaps more than one.


Most distressing is that no leader seems willing to take effective action. Some leaders cannot even bring themselves to directly identify the culprits.


And then there is the Iran threat. Regardless of what the right call should be – and this forum… Read More »






A lot is going on in the news these days, from politics, to crime, to world issues and unending crises. It is understandable, therefore, that someone may have missed the following astounding story featured in last week’s news.


Samuel Forrest, from Auckland, New Zealand, became the proud father of a baby boy, named Leo. The boy’s mother, however, did not feel the same pride her husband felt. The boy, you see, was born with Down syndrome. This did not sit well with her.


The mother is from the country of Armenia, and she gave birth there. Children born with Down syndrome there are, by and large, given up to institutions which handle their special needs.


Read More »






Early this week, my ear caught a conversation on the radio while I was driving. I do not recall on which station this was featured, because this was not one I normally frequent. The host was conducting an interview with someone who apparently was a professional boxer. The question escaped me as well, but its nature was: “what is it like to live your life as a boxer?”


The guy responded: “Hey, I live my life by beating other people up. Can there be a better life than that?”


I suppose this was an attempt at humor. The show host let out a loud laughing roar. Even if the continuation of this conversation had my interest, I had arrived at my destination. So that… Read More »

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