Chabad of Peachtree City
Thank You for Joining in Our Campaign: Match-Donor Fundraiser!
Campaign Goal: $12,000
$ 19,172.00
final Raised amount


Our Dear Friends,


As I type these words, I (Rabbi Lew) am sitting on a plane, high above this country. I will soon be landing in Salt Lake City, Utah, and after a few hours there, I will be flying back home.


It is great to know that I will be flying again later, because, quite frankly, none of us wishes to "land" after these past twenty-four hours...


It was incredible to watch how our family, our supporters, and our dear friends, responded to our fundraising drive. In a mere 24 hours, we were able to raise close to $20,000.00! The final tally was $19,172.


We are "flying" not simply because we were able to somehow secure those funds, which will be a major help to alleviate some of the needs at Chabad of Peachtree City, but most important, because we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support by you.


There is no greater feeling than knowing that we have you as our friends and partners. The Torah describes the patriarch Jacob's two sons - Issachar and Zeblun - as partners. The people of Issachar excelled in the scholarly realm, while Zebulun were the business people. By supporting their brothers and cousins of Issachar, those of Zebulun received half of the merit and spiritual reward.


Thank you, dear friends, for being our brothers and cousins. We know that our important work in Peachtree City will become that much more successful thanks to your kind generosity and loving hearts. And we also know that, as partners, you will all benefit from the spiritual rewards.


May the Almighty indeed bless each and every one of you with abundance, both materially and spiritually, and may you receive those blessings in perfect health, to truly enjoy them.


Much gratitude to the following donors for your wonderful support!!!!

The Gullick Family

The Levine Family

The Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason, & Russo Law Firm

Mel & Iris Salzman

Dr. Neil and Shelly Cooper

Raizy Lew

Yaarit Silverstone

Peninah Lew

Zalman Lew

Howard and Claire Peck

Avigayil (Pat) Robins for her many donations

Zelik Moscowitz

Dovid and Rose Naps

Rivkah Begun

Shmuly and Dina Perman

Joanne Lowenstein Birnbrey

Yankie Denburg

Al and Holly Gorrel-Faraldi

Sholom Lew

Debra Ann Fox Tenenbaum

Ryan Lefkoff,

Chaim Goldstein

Sholem Sudak

Steve Schwedel

Chana'le Posner-Dechter

Fraydee Posner-Kessler

Zalman Fischer

Fred Benoff & Judith Chiger

Brad Caplan & Amy Tashlik Caplan.

Sorin Vainer

Devora Lew

Stacey Feldman

Sorin Vainer

Zally Lazarus

Levi Krinsky

Levi Goldstein

Nosson Potash

Chani Naparstek

Yisroel Altein

Mendy Paltiel

Gary Hirsch

Menachem Kirschenbaum

Menachem Lewis

Harold Freeman

Shimy Heidingsfeld

Levi Brashevitzky

David Antopolsky

Zeldi Lipsker

Linda Robinson

Jay Harris

Shlomie and Mushki

Dovid Labkowski

Yisroel Backman

Daniel Moscowitz

Levi Slonim

Robert and Elisa Price

Stephanie Sansam

Menachem Groner

Susan Shapiro

Rabbi Hersh Leib Begun

Marcos Begun

Joseph Radest

Moishe Begun

Maria Destefani

Suzi Lew

Zelda Vogel

Avigayil Robbins

Chana Schapiro

Don Thomas

Golda Junik

Mendy Lew

Melissa Everett

Roger Ades

Wendy Zolty

Moushka Kesselman

Michla Melamed

Yosef & Chana Lipsker

David Greenberg

Noah Pawlinger

Vicki Leopold

Rayna Herr Solomon

Mike Posey

Cheved Greenwald

Rabbi Uriel Vigler

Moshe Bleich

Moishy Lew

Maritza Calderon-Ruiz

Shaindel Schapiro

Mushka Schneider

Jodi Kilov

Tzfeera Ritcherson

Pat Robins (2X)



With deep heartfelt thanks, 


Rabbi Yossi and Shternie Lew and all the gang

at Chabad of Peachtree City,

serving Atlanta's Southside.