"How can I help?"

It's a question we've all been asking.

Thankfully, there IS something YOU can do. And your help and efforts are needed. Please see the opportunities below. 


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A Request for Everyone from Our Friends in Ofakim, Israel: Help Reservists in the IDF

The Rabbi sent out the following letter in the weekly newsletter on Nov 17th. 

The situation in Israel continues to sit on our hearts. I have been called and contacted virtually each day of this past week by people expressing solidarity and support to Israel and to the Jewish people. It is very heartwarming.


One of our community members, Itzhik Zohar and his wife Debby Zohar, are offering our community a tangible way to help the soldiers of the IDF. These soldiers, are currently engaged in the difficult task of annihilating the enemy in Gaza.

The Zohar residence in Israel is in the town of Ofakim, which was one of the cities infiltrated on October 7th in the barbaric terrorist attacks. Next door to their home, is a school that has been converted into a temporary shelter for the rotating soldiers of the  returning from the battle in Gaza. The soldiers sleep in sleeping bags in the classrooms there, eat there, and prepare for the next round of fighting before going back in and making room for the next cycle of soldiers to come.

Debby and a group of her neighbors and friends are working to provide the soldiers home cooked meals, and military equipment they sorely need. The IDF has been forced, for the first time in their history, to call up this many reservists up to fight at once. This has caused a shortage in supplies. And they need your help!

You can find a list of example equipment and food items below that your contributions will fund.   Your financial donations will go towards buying the necessary supplies and food needed to make these soldiers these fresh meals, as they have been eating out of cans for who knows how long. Please give generously, but ANY AMOUNT IS IMPORTANT! 

If you would like to donate DIRECTLY to a soldier in Israel, this is your opportunity to do so! You can make a financial contribution to the  Chabad of PTC Paypal account (@chabadsouth or you can use the email [email protected]),   label it as a donation for "IDF Reservists in Ofakim" and this money will be directly transferred to Debby Zohar to buy the needed materials. If you need assistance or do not have a Paypal account, please contact Rabbi Lew or  [email protected] and we can find an alternative method for you to participate. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rabbi Lew: 678-595-0199, or email  [email protected]

Looking forward to your gracious generosity.




As always - prayer, charitable deeds, and the study of Torah are tangible ways that you can help in honor of all of our brothers and sisters in Israel.